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Paul Taylor in Australia

On 20 June 17, Paul Taylor – an Australian from the University of Wyoming USA where he introduces Wardaman Aboriginal Culture including the Dark Sparklers and Four Circles astronomical knowledge and practice that is part of their Customary Law – is returning to Sydney. We are hoping to have a ‘Skywatchers’ or Observatory time to show his now-digital learning and performing of Wardaman life and ceremonial activities and understandings.

Paul has just told me that the Adelaide Planetarium and the Northern Territory Museum are also likely to have this same Wardaman learning-experience presented during the next months. He is delighted that there are Australians who are beginning to gain knowledge of what I started (in 2000) to describe as the ‘Intellectual World of Aboriginal Australians’, which began to be publicly addressed in Bill Harney’s and my book in 2003-4 as ‘Dark Sparklers’. (‘Four Circles’ took another ten years to be published because of my on-and-off rather-deep muscular illness.)

Paul’s internet site has real opportunities with photos and Bill’s own speaking and recording. This is a sure to become a set of materials for schools as time goes on along with Paul’s own wonderful research.

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